Mama Fury on waking up the Avengers.

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Alison Brie - Nylon Guys Outtakes



whenever i see these post-apocalyptic films set in the USA where everyone is pretty much just killing each other with no mention of other nations i always just assume that the rest of the world is fine and has learnt how to resume life as normal




#pepper doesn’t like when tony tells people that she literally reached into his heart #because they assume it’s an adorable metaphor

"Well, it’s true! I put my heart in your hands!"

"And it was GROSS, Tony! God.

Impressions from Buenos Aires, Argentina

All the hardest, coldest people you meet were once as soft as water. And that’s the tragedy of living.
Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This For You (via mrjoaquinphoenix)

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Apart from your own character who do you love? Do you have a favorite?
My favorite is probably Jaime Lannister, because he’s like…You just don’t know what he’s gonna do and he’s so…he’s so complex, like, I love him, I think he’s brilliant. And Nikolaj plays him so well.


I wonder if anyone ever looks at me while I’m doing something and thinks I’m pretty. Because I do that all the time to people. 

No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved, you know? For a little bit. I feel like the maid. “I just cleaned up this mess. Can we keep it clean for ten minutes?”

S02E09: Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design


be nice to people because the world is a shitty place and we all need a little help sometimes